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04.01.2013 20:01 Age: 5 yrs

Vienna Catchment Science Symposium 2013

Socio-hydrology: A new science of people and water


Socio-hydrology, a new science of people and water, is concerned with understanding the two-way coupling of dynamic human and water systems. The aim is to understand the nature of possible traces of the time evolution and the interactions between the system components.

This is a small informal meeting focused around several full-length talks, workshops and a lot of unstructured conversation, as a contrast to the frenzy of 15-minute talks and countless posters at EGU. The overall theme is "Socio-hydrology: A new science of people and water".

Speakers are Steven M. Gorelick (Stanford University), Giuliano Di Baldassarre (UNESCO-IHE), Veena Srinivasan (Pacific Institute), Rens van Beek (Utrecht  University) and Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz (TU Vienna).

The symposium has been modelled after the Berkeley Meeting Jim Kirchner has been organising in the past years, and we have held similar meetings after EGU since 2010.

Doors will open at 8:30 AM with coffee, pastries and greetings. The meeting will start at 8:45, featuring ~35 minute talks and extended discussion, with breaks for lunch and snacks.  The afternoon session will include small group discussion sessions to allow more in depth discussion of Socio-hydrology. The day will finish off with an exchange of group findings, followed by drinks and dinner.

Logistics:  The Meeting will be held in the Kuppelsaal of Vienna University of Technology. Free food and drinks will be served. To make arrangements we need to know who will attend. Please sign up no later than April 1 by replying to Gemma Carr: carr@waterresources.at

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