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Seminar series

Seminar series of the Vienna Doctoral Programme on Water Resource Systems The Doctoral Programme is priviliged to host international experts from the wide variety of discipines covered by Programme researchers. Here you find...[more]


Vienna Catchment Science Symposium 2013

Socio-hydrology: A new science of people and water Socio-hydrology, a new science of people and water, is concerned with understanding the two-way coupling of dynamic human and water systems. The aim is to understand the...[more]


PhD position

PhD position real-time flood simulation We're happy to announce that applications are welcome for a new PhD position in the field of real-time flood simulation.  The researcher will investigate fast simulation techniques...[more]


Neptun-Water Award

Vienna Doctoral Programme Researchers Receive Neptun-Water Award Cutting edge research on the microbiology of alpine karstic springs conducted by Andreas Farnleitner and Interuniversity Cooperation Centre (ICC) Water &...[more]