Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Helmut Rechberger
Tel.: +43-1-58801-22645

Centre for Water Resource Systems,
Vienna University of Technology,
Karlsplatz 13/222, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Institute for Water Quality, Resource and Waste Management,

Vienna University of Technology, Karlsplatz 13/226, A-1040 Vienna, Austria




Ott, C and Rechberger, H. 2012. The European phosphorus balance. Resources, Conservation & Recycling. 60, 159 - 172.

Sobantka, A., Zessner, M. and Rechberger, H. 2012. The extension of statistical entropy analysis to chemical compounds. Entropy, 14, 2413-2426. 

Fellner, J., Cencic, O., Zellinger, G. and Rechberger, H. 2011. Long term analysis of the biomass content in the feed of a waste-to-energy plant with oxygen-enriched combustion air. Waste Management & Research, 29, 3 - 12.

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Prof. Helmut Rechberger





Prof. Rechberger heads the Resource Management group which consists of five research assistants and is embedded into the Research Group of Waste and Resource Management. Since 2005 he has also headed the Centre for Sustainable Technology, a network of some 30 researchers in the field of environmental technology at TU Wien. He is Vice-Dean for Studying Affairs of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and is also Vice-President of ISWA Austria.

He teaches a number of courses on waste management and urban metabolism at the undergraduate and graduate level. They include: Resources and river basin management, Urban metabolism, Resource management, Scientific evaluation methods, Waste management technology, Thermal treatment of wastes, Design of the urban metabolism.

Research Interests


• Material flow analysis
• Waste and resource management
• Scientific and technical evaluation methods
• Urban metabolism
• Anthropogenic metabolism
• Industrial ecology
• Recycling and waste treatment technologies

Prof. Rechberger’s research interests: further development of evaluation methods and concepts in waste and resource management including statistical entropy and thermodynamic-based approaches; introduction of mathematical-statistical tools of material flow analysis to consider data uncertainty and error propagation; cost accounting in combination with material flow analysis; method development for the characterization of mixed wastes with regard to relevance for greenhouse-gas emissions; environmental impacts of resource utilization; recovery of valuable substances from ashes and slag; investigation of morphological and chemical composition of urban stocks including dynamics.

Key Facts


Helmut Rechberger holds a Diploma in Process Engineering (1994) and a Doctorate in Waste Management and Technology (1999), both from Vienna University of Technology. From 1994 to 2000 he was employed as a Research Assistant at the former Institute for Water Quality and Waste Management of TU Wien after which he was a research fellow at the Centre of Industrial Ecology at Yale University where he established lasting contact to the research group of Prof. Tom Graedel. Following his time at Yale he moved to ETH Zurich where he was a senior researcher in the group of Prof. Baccini. In 2003 he was appointed Professor for Waste Management at TU Berlin and a few months later he received an offer from TU Wien, which he accepted, and since October 2003 he has held the newly created Chair of Resource Management.